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Welcome to Cj Online - Your Global Connection...

Here at CJ Online, we give you the fastest digital connectivity which enables our customer to use the best and the latest technologies available. CJ Online provides the best Internet & Information management services and ideas to its customers. We would help you execute daily business operations and achieve critical business goals and objectives by offering a range of services

which are innovative, competitively priced and enable our customers to access the best and latest technologies. CJ Online is offering its services on a digital platform. The advantages of which are manifold. It is commonly known that a major part of the cost of surfing the Internet is telephone usage. On a digital connection, the same things take much less time to be done by way of faster downloads of images, sound, animations & video, thereby reducing your online time & telephonic usage. Digital links are also less susceptible to disturbances and noise thereby ensuring longer connections without unwanted dropping of lines.

Our Companies...

Professionally managed, CJ Online Pvt. Ltd. & Chandra Industrial Co. Pvt. Ltd. have a combined business experience of 47 years, continually innovating and using latest technologies to deliver products & services that are of Global Standards and in line with what the customers demand.

CJ Online is a Govt. of India, Deptt. Of Telecommunications licensed Internet Service Provider in Ghaziabad & adjoining areas. CJOPL provides high-speed Internet & Information Management services that are mission-critical for organisations, where these services form the back-bone for customer organisations to conduct their business. The latest & best technologies like Fibre Optics & Wireless Radio digital networks have been implemented to deliver the required services to our customers and enabled to bring future technologies like Video Conferencing, Internet Telephony, Animation, IPTV, etc within shortest possible time to the customers.

Chandra Industrial Co. is a leading manufacturer of BOPP Self Adhesive & Paper Gummed Tapes in the country with over 30 years of successful experience in the country, with Indian as well International customers. The factory is equipped with State-of-Art machinery for quality & process efficiency.


Digital Revolution

  • Digital Platformed Services.
  • Faster downloads of images, sound, animations and video
  • Reduced online time and telephone usage.
  • Less susceptibility to disturbances and noise.

Internet Expertise

  • High quality, sophisticated Internet sites.
  • Efficient E-commerce enabling.

No Pornography

  • To protect pomography on your system
  • contact on help desk for the software

Dedicated Leased Line

  • Through Wire
  • Cost effective Leased Line with ISDN backup.
  • Through RF wireless connectivity
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Web Designing/ Hosting/ Colocation of server

  • High speed Internet connectivity and access service.
  • Reliable access.
  • Round the clock network monitoring & responsive
  • support


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C- 109, Industrial Area, Bulandshahar Road, Ghaziabad (U.P.) INDIA

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+91 9643109950

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